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We Share One Womb

Today, and everyday, let us be a planet of Hope and Love Let us remember that we are held and fed by a Mother who nurtures unconditionally Let us remember that we are here, together, as one large family Let … Continue reading

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Bringing Light to N. Korea Meditation

I love Diana Cooper. In her latest newsletter, she offers a wonderful meditation to help lift the fear-based energy that is causing so much tension in N. Korea. I’m including the link to it below. It doesn’t take much of … Continue reading

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Making the best out of Life

My dog Rosy likes to dig. I’ve taken many picture of her digging up our back yard, and have adopted the policy that her digging will someday unearth buried treasure. I also tell myself that she’s prepping the earth for … Continue reading

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The Heart of a Tree

It’s been an emotional week for me, as I process the energy of rebirth. In this time of spring, this is what I am choosing to call the destruction around me. On Tuesday and Wednesday, 7 trees were felled in … Continue reading

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Rebirthing a World of Peace Meditation

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