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The Butterfly in the Heart

All of our healing comes back to the heart. The heart chakra is the seat of our soul, and our connection to the divine energies of the universe. When we have a healthy heart chakra, we radiate pure, unconditional love, … Continue reading

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What I Shared

Following up on my earlier post today, “Teach Your Children Well,” I wanted to share these two scenes from my memoir manuscript. After talking with my daughter and son about how our words can hurt others and have a lasting … Continue reading

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Teach Your Children Well

This morning, at the same time I was off-line erasing a page of my memoir manuscript into a poem about bringing lunches to grade school that were fodder for shame and teasing, a friend of mine was composing me a … Continue reading

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Waterfall Purification Meditation

Have you ever stood beneath a waterfall? If you have, you will understand that there is something both sacred and powerful about the energy surrounding you. Waterfalls are portals for purification. The soul seeking light is drawn to the waterfall … Continue reading

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Flower Fairies

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A Walk to School

I spent the early part of the morning, after I’d loaded the kids off to school, stressed. I could feel the tension rising in my chest as I searched my home office for the packet of photographs my birthfather had … Continue reading

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Spider: The Writer’s Totem

Spider weaves and waits a silent spinner of tales eight hands shaping fate Yesterday, while eating lunch with two of my healer friends, I glanced up to see a large spider tattooed on the forearm of a waiter. I had … Continue reading

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