Robin: The Bird of (Re)birth


The American Robin is considered by many to be a harbinger of spring. When the robin returns to its summer home in the spring, it gets to work building a nest with its mate and laying a brood of beautiful, sky-blue eggs. It is also one of the first birds to sing at dawn, harkening the new day with its melodious voice.

The robin, in many respects, is a bird of beginnings, of birth, and of the rebirth of the true, creative self. Upon its proud chest, robin shamelessly displays the color orange. Although robins are considered to have a “red-breast,” the color is really a deep orange, the vibration of the second, or sacral chakra. Orange and the second chakra are symbolic of our creative and sexual drives, this ball of energy that stirs us into action, and when balanced and healthy,  enables us to live our creative truths without worry of how we will be received by the world.

When I see robin, the bird always inspires a sense of awe and reverence. Standing erect and confident on the ground, where it digs through the body of Earth for sustenance, robin appears a master of self. The robin has no doubt who s/he is, unafraid to sing in full-throated beauty the first song of the morning.

The robin births eggs in the spring the color of the sky, another element the robin is master of, and the color of the healthy throat chakra. The throat chakra is the fifth chakra in the set of seven primary chakras in the body. It is closely tied to the second chakra, for when we are able to create freely from that seat of orange energy, we need to be able to bring it up through our throats, where we express or sing our truths with compassion and confidence.

Near the end of last summer, on the first day of returning to school for my children, I experienced a day of magical peace and communion with nature. It had been a difficult summer for me, not because the kids were home, although that presents its own set of challenges and gifts, last summer was a time of transition for me. I was emerging into the field of energy healing, and was getting ready to finish up my memoir and start sending it out to the world. Spirit, in many forms was calling me to release old fears and habits that were no longer serving me. I had to let relationships go that were no longer in alignment with who I was, and my upper back, neck and shoulders were suffering the struggle to release an old, heavy load.


That day at the end of August, after I sent my children off on the bus, I was able to decompress and live in the moment in a way I had not been able to for a long time. I spent the beautiful sun-filled day with my dogs walking in the woods and sitting outside. Many birds appeared to me, including a hummingbird, flicker and robin. For a long time I watched these individual birds and took in the energy they had to offer me. Robin sat in a maple tree in my front yard, toward the middle of the afternoon shortly before the kids were due off the bus. I had my camera with me all day, and I captured robin on the branch, then watched as the bird released a single feather, which swirled with gravity toward the earth beside where I sat.

Spirit sometimes speaks to us with feathers, offering them to us as a gesture of hope and reassurance that we are a part of a great, universal love that is so vast and infinite we can hardly comprehend it in our human form. I am often reluctant to take feathers from the Earth when I see them, for there is also the belief that one should not take from the Earth what one does not need, or belongs to someone else. Sometimes, though, the gifts are so overt one is pulled to accept them. That day, as I gently lifted the fallen feather, feeling the vibration of the robin’s energy still humming inside, I knew I had been given a gift from spirit. A gift of new births and beginnings. It’s been quite a journey.


About Alethea Kehas

I am the author of the memoir A Girl Named Truth, and the owner of Inner Truth Healing.
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6 Responses to Robin: The Bird of (Re)birth

  1. A really thought-provoking post on the robin, thank you – and I love the phrase ‘spirit sometimes speaks to us with feathers’.


    • Thank you for reading, Andrea. I decided to write about robin this morning when walking the dogs, then, as I approached by house, two of them appeared in my path. Guess it was meant to be 🙂


  2. Wow, the timing of this post is so perfect, as I have a friend who is just starting to open to the messages of nature, and just wrote to tell me of a robin who has been coming to her in a way that she now knows is of sending her a message. I am going to send your lovely post to her – how perfect!


  3. Beautiful!
    When I moved to my new home over 3 years ago, I was coming with a lot of baggage, heavy and bad baggage. It took a long while but here I learned many different things and I got the chance to met nature and all it wonderful members. I have decompressed a lot, is a work in progress but there is something about birds, and I don’t believe in coincidences, and I put attention when it comes to me more than one time in a day, like this post, you talking about your experience and the robin well I had this morning a blue jay, beautiful vibrant in color, right in my window sill in the kitchen and it keep staring at me and picking to the glass. I must add that since I moved here, my back yard has become a house for birds many kinds and and they all give such a magnificent spectacle when I go outside.
    Do you think that my transformation has something to do with so many birds coming to my house? Some How?


    • Absolutely! I love it when I read these types of stories and get chills! The birds are coming to you for a reason – and, yes, it is a sign of your spiritual growth and acceptance. I love blue jay. Such a bold, brave bird who radiates unsheltered truth. Keep shining! xo, Alethea


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