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Extracting Honey from a Bitter Source

She called him “Uncle Honey,” while I tried my best not to call him anything. He was the father I gave up, and while I tried to love a replacement three thousand miles away, my cousin found joy in his … Continue reading

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The Flow of Things

Right now I should be prone (well almost) on an exam table, having my IUD removed. Call my crazy, but I was really, really looking forward to this moment. For 22 years, minus the brief lapse of time when I … Continue reading

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The Hawk

Naturally I had to return to this post, which I had started to write back in May when the kids were still in school. The hawk paid another visit to our home today, moments before my daughter boarded the bus … Continue reading

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The truth is. I would probably have done it anyway. In fact, I know I would have. I’d do it again, only this time, I’d assert my self-worth upfront. She called on a Saturday night, while I was watching The … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of the Sun

I’ve been thinking a lot about Robin William since I saw the announcement of his death on Facebook yesterday. I’m sure I’m not alone. Even though I didn’t know his personal story and his long journey with depression, I always … Continue reading

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Going With The Flow Of Life

Originally posted on Endless Light and Love:
In Taoism the Tao ‘Wu Wei’ is often compared to a river. When we talk about going with the flow, we are describing the Tao as having a definitive direction, just like a…

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