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Social Studies

It started in the cafeteria, that place where cliques converge onto tables, their masses growing with popularity and spreading down the length of the tables like poison ivy beside a stream. Voices happier than a bubbling brook. Twenty-seven years ago … Continue reading

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The Cardinal: Singing Fear into Light

The cardinal is one of my favorite birds to watch. I often see them in pairs, the male bold and showy, the female more modestly camouflaged with the Earth. They are birds who bring the Earth’s blood into song and light. … Continue reading

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The Earthworm: Recycling the Past into Light

I seem to be lacking a photograph of an earthworm, but I’ll be honest, I don’t find it one of Mother Earth’s more attractive children. I once had a dream about finding a pile of live earthworms inside the skimmer basket … Continue reading

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A Journey Back to Self (poem)

This poem contains pieces from shamanic journeys I have made to the belly of Earth. A Journey Back to Self I travel to the belly of Earth to see the sun inside my womb Serpent, you have rested long coiled … Continue reading

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Bodies of Light

While I was searching Alex Gray’s website for an image of the light body, this quote appeared on the page: “You can never be lost. When have you ever been apart from me? You can never depart and never return. … Continue reading

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Moon Woman

She asked me if I cycled with the moon, and I thought Soon. Julianne Victoria and I were talking over FaceTime as she interpreted my Vedic birth chart which was filled with this source of divine feminine energy. In a few days I would … Continue reading

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Spider, the Keeper of Words

The spider is one of my animal spirit totems. Often a guide for writers, the spider teaches us the mysteries of language, helping us find the voice we hold inside. Here is what spider had to say:         … Continue reading

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