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Birds of Winter

I am loving the showy, bold bluejays that abound in my winter landscape. Here are some photos I snapped this morning from the open window of my home. Advertisements

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The Mamma Bear Comes out of Hibernation: The Feral Drive to Protect Our Young

Perhaps the scene could have played out differently. In the light of infinite possibilities, of course it could have, but it didn’t. It appeared, if you will, almost as thought it were pre-scripted. The right characters were absent. The others, … Continue reading

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An Ego’s Stream of Consciousness

Sometimes I crave a glorious battle To rage and wage a war with another But to what end? To inflict my pain on the other whom I believe has caused it? To even a playing field that has been trampled … Continue reading

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The Rupture of the Mother Line and the Cost of Becoming Real

Exactly what I needed to read today. It’s likely, I’m not alone, so I’m sharing these wise words

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The cat & the heron

This poem came out of two recent dreams, one with a cat messenger, the other with heron. Bast, scratch memory back into skin I walk the Hall of Two Truths searching for rebirth. Bennu, shed the gray for white with … Continue reading

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Blue Jay Spirit Poem

Blue Jay Open words that press against your throat shout rage dare not to be quiet silence is constricting defy a boundary not yours spread wings to blue the sky is waiting you belong to the air free soar unobstructed … Continue reading

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Loon Spirit Poem

Loon My song haunts memory. Dive inside darkness deeper than fear until your dreams surface. Sing them to the light. They seek air. That collar around your throat is an illusion, child stop holding back hope Imagine your world into … Continue reading

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