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And then there was Peace

Hers was the only aura I saw without trying. Violet, like the energy of St. Germain, extending from the tips of her fur in soft flames. It was four years ago, and we were walking in the woods. I began … Continue reading

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The house as body

It seems I cannot decide which house to claim as my own. This is clear in my dreams. Too much clutter leaves the residue of frustration and anxiety. Unstable walls and floors, the fear of collapse. Some nights I build … Continue reading

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Taking the lead

Recall the Bird of Spring who appeared to me on the the 24th of January. I have not forgotten her, nor have I forgotten how she appeared in the days before the 11th. She often watched in silent vigil from … Continue reading

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there is no map for grief this I know grief is water raging the chambers of the heart grief is noise ugly loud heart-breaking grief is the absence of touch the ache of memory inside skin grief is silence where … Continue reading

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To break the code

Our bodies weep salt of mother tears forgotten memories swim the blue river of veins searching for air truth is a code of genes resequenced in each birth fear, a pattern of dis- ease when left unraveled to break the … Continue reading

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Each knot holds a memory that seeks to be free

Remember the robin in my last post, appearing blatantly bold outside my window during the snowstorm? The only bird to be seen by my eyes that day? Somehow I had forgotten her, amid the daily struggles of life this last … Continue reading

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