there is no map for grief

this I know

grief is water

raging the chambers of the heart

grief is noise




grief is the absence of touch

the ache of memory inside skin

grief is silence

where beauty dwells

with love



About Alethea Kehas

I am the author of the memoir A Girl Named Truth, and the owner of Inner Truth Healing.
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16 Responses to Grief

  1. goffcn says:

    Dear Alethea, so very beautiful…. you touch the universal and the deeply personal all at once. Picturing Daisy with a halo of light, inside your heart, roaming free!


    • Thank you, my friend. I knew it would be hard, but I suppose one can never be prepared. Yes, my heart. When she passed I felt her presence there immediately. It was so strong and filled with love. The kids did too, it was quite beautiful. She’s everywhere and nowhere and that knowing brings out the extremes of emotions in me. ❤


  2. alienorajt says:

    Oh, Alethea, I am so sorry to hear of Daisy’s passing; you have expressed the grief feelings so beautifully. My heart goes out to you. xxx


  3. Kuruk says:

    We are all so sorry for your loss! Daisy will be by the Rainbow Bridge:


  4. Running Elk says:

    {{{{Alethea}}}} I was doing all right till all the words in the picture hit me! xxx


  5. Sue Vincent says:

    Oh Alethea, I am so sorry. Yes, it must be raw… but the bear is right.It is a beautiful piece. xxx


  6. I am just reading this today. I am so sorry Daisy has left this world. She is shining soul I am glad to have met. ❤


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