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A Re-union of Self

She danced into spring in a red dress She was fire catching life. Unbounded Unbridled. And he watched from the center, steady yielding to her energy as it spread, opening to the rise of need  A red bud unfolding into … Continue reading

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Visions of Change

Last night, before falling into sleep, memories from high school returned to me, one in particular. The day I was asked to be year book editor. See, despite everything, you still shined, was the message I received with the memory, and the … Continue reading

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Twinned Flame

Twinned flame I unfolded the black body of night to find light in the center. Warmth spun a silk cocoon around my heart, uniting the orange fire we share Twin soul, I see you mirrored in flame. Me. You. Black. … Continue reading

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