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A Forest’s Wisdom, 9/29/15


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Vertical Name Poem

I discovered the beautiful writing and wisdom of Sybil Dana Reynolds after learning we are both featured in The Spiritual Writer’s Network anthology of poetry Illuminations of the Soul. She offers free sacred writing practices via email, and one of them is to … Continue reading

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“Aponi”: a chapter from my Y/A manuscript

I have been writing a young adult manuscript for a few years now, sporadically, and have set a goal to have it complete and publication ready by June. I am quite determined to keep this goal, and in order to … Continue reading

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Birthing the Goddess Within

Birthing the Goddess Within Binah, I dive your depths to awaken form bring forth your fertile sea and fill my womb the goddess quickens inside. I feel the tickle of fingers groping for words in darkness a body holding the … Continue reading

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Paddle boarding

Paddle boarding They say Jesus walked on water but today I am Isis on the Nile Queen of Ra whose radiant fingers splay the shadow of form into beautiful Medusa stirring Poseidon’s passion into the weightless ecstasy of light About … Continue reading

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The Body Beneath

The Body Beneath The words sound like she is falling apart, but she is coming together. Rebirth is not measured in months. 9 years ago her body was a volcano erupting with night to release repression Dreams dwell in darkness … Continue reading

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The Dreamer

The Dreamer A self undefined, she follows the moon pulling the tide into the ocean of her neck to spill a blue rhythm that caresses the folded notes of voice Can you hear her heart song rising through fear? It … Continue reading

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