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Copy-Editing and Ghostwriting

If there is anyone out there in the WordPress blogging community who is in need of either a Copy Editor, or a Ghostwriter, could you contact me on the blog? I offer both services – and now wa… Source: Copy-Editing … Continue reading

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The Hunt of Desire

The journey of the queen continues with the hunt…   There was a time, perhaps a very long time as we like to measure it, when Guinevere was both the huntress and the hunted. As a mortal woman, she desired … Continue reading

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The Face of a Queen

  Legends tell of a queen of great beauty. Guinevere, thought by some to be part mortal, part Fae, a queen who seduced hearts and intoxicated the eyes. Her beauty drew admiration to be sure, of this there appears to … Continue reading

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Leaf and Flame – Sharing Life

This work with animal totems was one of the highlights (there were many) of this weekend for me. I will likely blog more about this aspect soon. Here is a director’s perspective. The Saturday of any workshop is always busy. … Continue reading

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The Return of the Queen

How does one condense a journey that is not over, but that began before a magical weekend where I played the role of Queen Guinevere at the annual workshop for the Silent Eye School of Consciousness? I am not sure, but here is … Continue reading

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The Foliate Man: A Knight’s Tale

Photo: Copyright Jan Malique It’s been a week since my return from a workshop in Derbyshire, a deeply profound experience. How dramatic this statement sounds, but there is great truth buried … Source: The Foliate Man: A Knight’s Tale

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The hand that grasps…

Guinevere What now for poor, brave Gawain… and what are we to make of his Nemesis? Morgan Gawain is doomed my Lady there is no escape for one on such a quest. It would be best to leave him to… … Continue reading

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