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The Mask Behind the Bully

I could have written this title various ways. I could have said, “The Mask of the Bully” or “The Bully Behind the Mask,” you name it. The phenomenon of the bully is in itself multilayered. The bully, a product of … Continue reading

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The Unseen Sea – 10: Mind and the Enneagram

Part Ten of The Unseen Sea If you have been following this series of posts, you may have detected a liberal use of the name LUCA. The Last Universal Common Ancestor was a term coined by evolutionar… Source: The Unseen … Continue reading

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Lessons from an autumn day

Life can be a sticky web where we can become trapped Obstacles can be nearly insurmountable for those who choose to climb We may even tumble, thinking we have lost our ground Growing frustrated, we find ourselves digging for what … Continue reading

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The Return of Grace

I have found grace, again. You could say I just went through another “Dark Night of the Soul.” One of many, but this one was particularly acute. This one began on my birthday, if you are interested in reading that … Continue reading

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