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I am an author and owner of Inner Truth Healing & Yoga.

The wounded heart of Paris

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
Notre Dame de Paris.The three images of the Cathedral are photographs of postcards in my Parisian diaries. The white dome of the Sacré-Cœur, floating like some fairy tale castle against the blackness…

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Digging deeper… with Anne Copeland

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
? A story is told to engage the imagination and the sense of wonder. A tale that does so will stay in memory… making it a perfect vessel to hold a deeper meaning that…

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“Who are you?” #YogaForKids

The little girl peered up at me with teddy bear eyes as she asked her question. She was just a few years older than my daughter was when see used to boldly inquire, “Who are you?” while gazing her deep … Continue reading

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Two Aprils Inside the Magic of the Silent Eye ~ Alethea Kehas

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
? With less than two weeks to go before we journey to the ancient land of Sumer for Lord of the Deep, Alethea Kehas, a Companion of the Silent Eye, shares her experiences with…

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Black & White 2

Originally posted on Savvy Raj:
What is White? What is white? But a tint of light And all things bright! Symbolic of purity Cleanliness and hygiene Of innocence & simplicity Of sincerity and openness Yet a striving for perfection Of…

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#Decisions #WritePhoto #SueVincent

Four directions mark the way of the living feet Points on a compass as old as the cross that divides and joins them our marker of death We remember Jesus as a son of God splayed in four directions for … Continue reading

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Nature is listening!

Originally posted on Savvy Raj:
Yes… the reality is stark Deforestation everywhere Forest fires and climate changes Disappearing rain forests Global warming, polar vortex Extinction of rare species Food and medicine adulteration Air water and noise pollution Materialism leading to…

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