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I am an author and owner of Inner Truth Healing & Yoga.

The Rotating Blade of Meaning (5)

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
? So far, we have examined how Arthur M. Young, inventor of the Bell helicopter, engineer and astrologer/philosopher, used his skills and insight into how our minds determine meaning. Within this, he began to…

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On letting go…

Originally posted on Savvy Raj:
We are often about holding on than letting go . We are able to hoard but find it difficult to let go . We try to control our lives a little too much that we…

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Wordless Wednesday

Originally posted on Positive Side Of The Coin:
I clicked these Colourful Pictures from the Kala Ghoda festival 2019 in Mumbai. Everything is created out of waste material. So beautiful and amazing Colors of the world at India Art Fair…

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“I was wrong about you” #yoga #nonjudgement

  It was like any other Tuesday morning, only it wasn’t. No two are ever exactly the same, just as each moment passes by us changed from the one before, whether we are aware of it or not. This Tuesday … Continue reading

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Summer does not come…

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
Summer does not come at once Its grip on that which gives it birth Lingers… In glimpse and taste and smell With grind and crunch on dale and fell From frozen earth to green…

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Taking note…

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
I had caught a glimpse as I drove past the lay-by and nipped round the back of the surgery…there are benefits to carrying a camera in your handbag, even if it does weigh you…

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#Blade #WritePhoto #SueVincent

It is said the heart is a forest green with life it is fed with the breath of love pulsing renewal in each moment rebirth is possible, yet we wear the shield of armor with thoughts of valor forgetting the … Continue reading

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