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Wayland’s Smithy: A Temple of Trees & Stones Worthy of Reverence

There is an old road called the Ridgeway that connects Castle Hill to  Wayland’s Smithy. It’s a mile in length, and had we more time we would have walked it. The Ridgeway joins the land of the living with the … Continue reading

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Recoding the Cells: A Healing Meditation in Poetry Form #notbroken

A healing meditation in poetry form. Continue reading

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The (dead) crow, the red fox & the turkey (feather)

I used to keep a journal just for animal encounters. Not just animals, insects too, and birds, and all manner of non-human life forms I met up with each day. I was interested in their symbolism and what it might … Continue reading

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Why love?

It was one of those moments. Perfect for a storm you might say. We all know what they are like, the energy around you and within you becomes electrified and seemingly fueled by a power that is not entirely your … Continue reading

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The Eyes of an Elephant: A Plea for Help Fundraiser

Last night I woke around 2 in the morning because the sensor light in my daughter’s room was on. Finding her sound asleep, I touched the lamp to turn it off and went back to bed, but could not fall … Continue reading

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Co-Creating a New Earth Meditation

While I was having a past-life regression with Karen Kubicko on 11/14/15, I was given information by my spirit guides about how to co-create a New Earth. I would like to share this information with you so that you can … Continue reading

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Creating A New Earth: Channeled Messages 11/14/15

Imagine Earth beautiful again. Imagine the resurrection of joy permeated through all beings who grace its surface. Imagine you are one of them, a bringer of the light that is joy. It is a blessed union, drink it in, become … Continue reading

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