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Flying into Fear #dream symbolism

It was an interesting night in the world of dreams. A night filled with a whole lot of flying, but for a very apparent reason. To fly into my fears. It seems my mind had decided to show me every … Continue reading

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The Pull of Stones Continues #wintersolstice

I wasn’t going to go. Well, I was, and then I wasn’t. As typically happens, I opted for  family before self, and my daughter had wanted to see a friend’s performance in “The Nutcracker.” The only show happened to fall … Continue reading

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Castlerigg from a distance #acceptance

  I went as far as the hills in dreamtime while they gathered to greet the dawn below. Disappointment comes in many forms and sometimes it reaches out to hold the hand of acceptance. I’m not going to lie. This … Continue reading

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Onward #writephoto

Talk to me about silence I can’t hear your words A mind closed by fear shuts the ears and averts the eyes while the voice calling out to be heard becomes a child waiting to be seen [Futility] ↓ Last … Continue reading

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The Wounds We Carry #rejection

Today I am allowing myself to sit with melancholy. It weaves the strings of the past. Attaching to old wounds that can be so hard to let go. Rejection holds the thread of origin. This umbilical cord that was supposed … Continue reading

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The Oracle’s Chamber & the Stone of Sacrifice: Part 4 of my visit to America’s Stonehenge

Continued from part 3…   From the “V” Hut we began to move into the disturbed remains of the Pattee Area of America’s Stonehenge. Passing from the west, the place of the womb-like chamber of the V-Hut where water seems … Continue reading

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The Womb before the Chamber: Part 3 of my visit to America’s Stonehenge

Please click on the highlighted text to read Part 1 & Part 2 It was hot last Wednesday, and humid, with temperatures hovering around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. My body does not like this type of weather, and I was quite … Continue reading

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