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Surrendering​ & Gayatri

    The first night in Bermuda, my daughter came down with a cold. I could hear her coughing and blowing her nose from the other room, and wondered how the night would play out.  She came in after midnight. … Continue reading

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Five Days with Gaia​ in Bermuda

Gayatri: The feminine form of the divine, and therefore one may extrapolate that Gaia, or Mother Earth, is an aspect of her. (Note some associate the Gayatri mantra with the solar god, Savitr, as I mentioned in a previous post. As … Continue reading

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#Guru Mantra: The Healing Power of Sound Continues

Mantra: a word or sound that is repeated (either internally or externally) to focus the mind, usually for meditation. Back in December, I wrote two posts about working with the mantra “Aham Prema.”  I am now on my third mantra, which … Continue reading

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How Can I Serve?

Learning to step aside and allow the unfolding of the self is, I have learned, a multilayered process. There is a shedding of the old in all of its preconditioning through past events held largely in the grasp of Fear … Continue reading

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Guest Writer Spot

Originally posted on estherchiltonblog:
This week, I’d like to welcome Alethea Kehas, with a strong piece of writing, as my Guest Writer. Exploring the Body’s Memories: An Exercise in Constriction By Alethea Kehas   When we begin to let go…

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Unfolding #AGirlNamedTruth #memoir

I am still processing love a father’s story offering a truth different from the one I was raised on I am still processing trust and the belief in words I am learning how to weave a new history and to … Continue reading

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Memoir Q & A (Part 1)

I have received several questions from readers of my memoir, A Girl Named Truth, so I thought I would start a Q & A series on my blog. Many of the questions share the same themes, and also, I feel, point … Continue reading

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