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Arch #writephoto prompt

    I dreamt of holding white dresses like a wedding because we all seek to be adorned with beauty don’t we? A brown cake rippled in frosted garlands by a child’s hand guided with a confidence so easily lost … Continue reading

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Dusk #writephoto prompt

      And so it is that we become a branch of a tree reaching toward the sun A drop in the ocean seeking the wave A heartbeat drumming the Earth’s pulse Knowing the Self is an infinite part … Continue reading

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A prayer for the trees that are about to be pruned

May you feel my love and the reverence I hold for your life May you know my gratitude for the beauty of your spring and the fruit of your summer May your limbs fall gently and with ease back to … Continue reading

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Between #writephoto prompt #suevincent

    Sometimes, or maybe quite often life opens a path unexpected parting the sides to test separation of the yellow center inside that responds to the will that can divide with the mighty belief that I Am more special than … Continue reading

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Shrine #writephot prompt

    They put the candle over his head to light the darkness of the crown Where his body lies in decomposition a trinity of swans hovers above in remembrance of what can be lost as well as what continues … Continue reading

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A poem for 2/23/18

Sitting with irrational fears is worth an exploration. This is what came through today: Relax into the faith of unknowing Time whispers promises to those who wait Unfolding through the now of the eternal present Unwraps the gift of the … Continue reading

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Distant #writephoto #suevincent

My contribution to Sue Vincent’s weekly #writephoto prompt:     And the gods declared, “Let there be Light. Again,” while the body of the goddess stirred the sleeping masses For thousands of years Man held the circle in the chain … Continue reading

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