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#Beneath #WritePhoto #SueVincent

  Beneath your weighty boughs and those grains of time you pile as though you have something to save I wait for you holding the mountains of your creation the outer layers adding density to the inner Pause Take your … Continue reading

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Onward #writephoto

Talk to me about silence I can’t hear your words A mind closed by fear shuts the ears and averts the eyes while the voice calling out to be heard becomes a child waiting to be seen [Futility] ↓ Last … Continue reading

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Recoding the Cells: A Healing Meditation in Poetry Form #notbroken

A healing meditation in poetry form. Continue reading

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  There is a tempest inside of you a storm collecting every cell into being yet you scatter them rejecting until they become the wounded cowering in this cage you have created its walls only as strong as your might … Continue reading

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#Unfolding #writephoto prompt

The mind fixes on a barren landscape Bleak division Life waiting at the border Dreaming of becoming A self The feet hesitate to break Untrodden uniformity One step leaves an imprint The eyes tell the truth Of how far they … Continue reading

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Stark #Writephoto prompt #SueVincent

A poem about death and renewal inspired by Sue Vincent’s writephoto prompt “Stark” Continue reading

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#Bones #writephoto prompt #suevincent

They said it was a sacrifice, but isn’t all life? The tree pulled down to make paper to record our words The hay threshed to fill bellies Some say even water is alive The clouds spilling it to the ground … Continue reading

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