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Where the Lichen Weeps on Stones

Where the Lichen Weeps on Stones   In a land before time we remembered the curve of the Earth and how it mirrored the heavens Stars gazed past sight to the place of no mind thoughts were eclipsed by the … Continue reading

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The Return of the Queen

How does one condense a journey that is not over, but that began before a magical weekend where I played the role of Queen Guinevere at the annual workshop for the Silent Eye School of Consciousness? I am not sure, but here is … Continue reading

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Captured – #writephoto prompt

Once again I’m inspired by Sue Vincent’s photography and have participated in her #writephoto prompt writing challenge.  This time I decided to do a poem in the shape of an hourglass, but one could also look at as a chalice … Continue reading

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The Memory of Home

In the pause between thoughts silence whispers the language of the forgotten self I’ve been dreaming of home the land outside walls offers the great hope of peace Inside the body mind chatters fear while the memory of love hides … Continue reading

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Coming of Age

This poem is based upon a past life memory of my daughter’s. It is not easy to put into words the sacred experience of witnessing the resurfacing of this Coming of Age moment, but I felt moved to try. She … Continue reading

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The Dogs & I

The Dogs & I Weave a mutable tapestry with orange nylon once the color of fruit. Art’s tangled palette chosen by inhaling the full depth of Earth’s pigments. We savor the greens that open life, skipping over the remnants of … Continue reading

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Rosy limbs splayed across yellow pine she wags a white-tipped beacon in a pool of golden light plays with magic forgotten pixie-dancing across shadows joy-riding the ribbons of sun

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