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“Who are you?” #YogaForKids

The little girl peered up at me with teddy bear eyes as she asked her question. She was just a few years older than my daughter was when see used to boldly inquire, “Who are you?” while gazing her deep … Continue reading

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The “I Need to Be Special” Syndrome Vs. Greta Thunberg’s “I Don’t Care About Being Popular” Approach to Life

It’s likely most of us suffer from it, to lesser or greater degrees. Soon after birth, the ego discovers its individuality and realizes that separation can be a threat to its survival. If I am not considered special, the ego … Continue reading

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I See You

What does it mean to look at another and see that person? Not as a mirror of what we want to see, but of what is simply reflected back to us? Some of us make it a practice of reading … Continue reading

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The Fool’s Journey: I attempt to teach mindfulness to some not so mindful teachers #mindfulness #TheFool

It was a rather dreary Friday afternoon in mid-March. Spring had arrived days before by the date on the calendar, but New Hampshire doesn’t follow the rules of the seasons. Patches of old snow still piled in heaps, even in … Continue reading

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The Balance of Sun & Moon #SpringEquinox2019

Today we tumble out of the deep bed of winter and stretch our limbs toward spring in the northern hemisphere. It is a day filled with promise. It is a time of balance. Nearly equal parts dark and light, yet … Continue reading

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Why I visit England (annually) and why we are called to sacred lands

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for awhile. To attempt to explain why we are sometimes drawn, mind, body, and soul to physical places as though we have no choice but to go there. The heart, leading the body … Continue reading

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The Temple of the Knights

It seems fitting to have ended my latest journey to England in Temple Church, London. Built for the England headquarters of the Knights Templar 800 yrs ago, the church is more recently known through Dan Brown’s book The DaVinci Code.  There … Continue reading

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