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“I was wrong about you” #yoga #nonjudgement

  It was like any other Tuesday morning, only it wasn’t. No two are ever exactly the same, just as each moment passes by us changed from the one before, whether we are aware of it or not. This Tuesday … Continue reading

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Left Behind #dreamsymbolism

I woke before the alarm, standing in a room filled with crystals and stones inside a mall. Alone. Left behind by two “friends” and a boyfriend. It is likely they even took my blue Volt with them, driving away in … Continue reading

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The Perfection of the Unknown Life

I once read about a man who came into the world remembering everything. By everything, I mean not what had happened to him, but what was going to happen to him. He knew exactly what would happen before it would … Continue reading

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Dental Surgery: A Lesson in Mindfulness

  It was rather surreal, but not wholly surprising. I believe the greater consciousness that surrounds us is constantly communicating with us, whether we heed it or not. I’ve learned to pay attention, much of the time, and when I … Continue reading

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Looking with New Eyes

Warning, this post contains some disturbing content.  I was, I believe, about mid-way through my studies with the Silent Eye School of Consciousness. Driving in my car, as I so often do, down a road so familiar cellular memory could … Continue reading

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The Return of the Feathered Seer #setting #writphoto #suevincent

Note: I started writing this post and then came across the #writephoto prompt post by Sue Vincent and opened it up to this image. Therefore, the blog post has now become my response to her weekly photo prompt.  In April … Continue reading

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Finding Home Inside a Ring of Stones #thestruggleisreal

  I’m sitting here imagining myself sitting on a plane in the dead of winter. I’ve imagined it often over the last 48 hrs. It’s not the difficult to do. Me, flying to a land frozen in time for 5,000 … Continue reading

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