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    A lot of words and emotions are stirring through all of us right now. There is anger, fear, combativeness and there is also a deep sadness and despair for many. We are in a time of struggle and … Continue reading

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I Visit America’s Stonehenge (again). A Hill Filled with Mysteries: Part 1

It had been four years and five months since I visited Mystery Hill in Salem, NH with my family to see America’s Stonehenge. In the time between my two visits, I would make three trips to England, traveling to the … Continue reading

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The Dead Washer

    The washer is dead, the kids are back in school and the new neighbors are murdering¬†felling all the trees in their front yard. The tears are simmering just below the surface, but I’m feeling the urge to rant … Continue reading

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#Inspiration #3.2.1 Me Challenge

Sue Vincent of The Daily Echo kindly nominated me for the 3.2.1 Me Challenge, giving me the word “Inspiration” for my topic. Thank you, Sue. Do check out her response to the challenge, “Time.”     Did you know “inspiration” … Continue reading

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Dancing in the Rain

It’s raining. Again. We have been having a tropical summer filled with heat and humidity. It has been raining nearly every day for the past month-and-a-half. There are usually¬†breaks of sun in between, but the clouds seem to want to … Continue reading

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We receive the gift of a bat while watching Victoria & Abdul

It was approximately 9:30pm, my husband and I seated on the sofa downstairs watching Victoria and Abdul, a bowl of popped buttered corn between us. Our son upstairs behind shut doors, our daughter and her friend taking a night dip … Continue reading

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Breaking free density: I dream of flying my dogs over an ancient landscape

It was a strange series of dreams, on the surface, but then again dreams are often strange…on the surface. I was in school, a large brick building that seemed nearly endless. My classroom on the upper floor and down labyrinthian … Continue reading

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