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Guest Writer Spot

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This week, I’d like to welcome Alethea Kehas, with a strong piece of writing, as my Guest Writer. Exploring the Body’s Memories: An Exercise in Constriction By Alethea Kehas   When we begin to let go…

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Yoga: When You Are Not Used To Love

I have started working with the mantra Aham Prema, which translated into English means “I am Divine Love.” 54 repetitions with the mala beads brings my voice outside of myself to a state beyond insecurity. My body becomes a humming … Continue reading

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About a week ago I decided that November topped the list of least beautiful months, at least here in New England. What a foolish thought, I realized later. In that moment I must have been wrapped in my own bitterness, … Continue reading

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The Path to Truth

    Some people might call me a “New Ager,” others might assume I’m into the occult and therefore play in dark arts. Neither of which are my truth. I am, simply a seeker of the greater Truth and the … Continue reading

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Halloween or The Mask of the Self

I have a confession to make: I don’t really care for Halloween. I don’t dress up for the occasion if I can avoid doing so, even though I admire and appreciate a well-crafted ruse. I avoid Halloween gatherings like the … Continue reading

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I think the secret to life is presence. Yesterday, while zipping into town to grab some food, I found myself listening to a passionate lawyer on NPR talking about the opioid crisis that is afflicting the United States. Just now, … Continue reading

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The Stability of the Trunk

My lower back gave out on Monday morning, after a weekend of yoga teacher training. Ironically, we covered the root chakra during one of the classes. Tragically, the night before my back gave out, more than fifty people were shot … Continue reading

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