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Let Us Know Peace

Originally posted on Windmills of My Mind:
Let us know peace For as long as the moon shall rise For as long as the rivers shall flow For as long as sun shall shine For as long as the grass…

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Rites of Passage: Seeing beyond fear ~  A weekend with the Silent Eye

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
As the June workshop in Scotland draws to a close, why not consider joining us in September for a weekend in the ancient landscape of stones, circles and strange places? Rites of Passage: Seeing…

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Happiness snuck up and said “boo.”

Originally posted on Fiesta Estrellas:
You know, we can ask for it- and beg and plead, but sometimes, happiness wants to play tag, and sometimes, “you’re about to be ‘it,‘” (and you don’t even know it,) until your eating your…

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5G Please click on the link. Help save us all

Originally posted on firefly465:
The roll out of 5g has concerned me since I started reading about it. I signed petitions, I posted about it and now I find myself posting again. If enough people sign petitions or take action,…

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Waste Not! Want Not!… Recycling…The lies!

Originally posted on Retired? No one told me!:
When I first started to write these posts I enjoyed it…I enjoy research finding out what is going on and all the wonderful innovative ways that many people are discovering, inventing to…

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Climate Change – What can we do?

Originally posted on Being in Nature:
This week Sue Vincent offers a number of photos for her #write photo challenge. I have chosen the image of person looking at the sea and am using it as an opportunity to compile…

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Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
‘Know thyself’… Pausanius tells us it was inscribed in the court before the temple of Apollo at Delphi. We are given to understand it is associated too with the Inner Temples in…

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