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The Chalice & The Sun #yearning

I had been intending to write a blog post about some recent explorations I’ve had with the chalice as a symbol when I opened Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt this morning. There before me was a photograph of water in … Continue reading

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#Threshold #WritePhoto #SueVincent #Poetry

You stand upon the threshold of self when the eyes outside look inward past the outer and all its beauty and decay Light plays tricks with shadows until they are explored through the pathways of your own labyrinth, discovering you … Continue reading

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The “I Need to Be Special” Syndrome Vs. Greta Thunberg’s “I Don’t Care About Being Popular” Approach to Life

It’s likely most of us suffer from it, to lesser or greater degrees. Soon after birth, the ego discovers its individuality and realizes that separation can be a threat to its survival. If I am not considered special, the ego … Continue reading

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The Blindfolded Girl in the Hallway

It had been easy to plan. Perhaps too easy. My husband’s forwarding of the airfare deal had led to another trip across the pond that had been pulled together quickly and nearly effortlessly. I had two sets of gracious hosts, … Continue reading

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Flying into Fear #dream symbolism

It was an interesting night in the world of dreams. A night filled with a whole lot of flying, but for a very apparent reason. To fly into my fears. It seems my mind had decided to show me every … Continue reading

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Wanted: Middle Graders for Online Book Club #warriorsoflight #thelabyrinth #middlegradebookclub

  When I began writing The Labyrinth about six years ago, I had one central question in mind, “How can I help kids and teens live their truths without fear?” As a child who lived in fear of speaking her truths, … Continue reading

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Your Gift of The Labyrinth this December will help support #theTrevorProject

Years ago, when I began the creation of my metaphysical fantasy series, Warriors of Light, I seeded the intention that I would give a portion of the sales to support causes that relate to the themes in the book. The six main … Continue reading

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