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“Who are you?” #YogaForKids

The little girl peered up at me with teddy bear eyes as she asked her question. She was just a few years older than my daughter was when see used to boldly inquire, “Who are you?” while gazing her deep … Continue reading

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#Threshold #WritePhoto #SueVincent #Poetry

You stand upon the threshold of self when the eyes outside look inward past the outer and all its beauty and decay Light plays tricks with shadows until they are explored through the pathways of your own labyrinth, discovering you … Continue reading

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The Fool’s Journey: I attempt to teach mindfulness to some not so mindful teachers #mindfulness #TheFool

It was a rather dreary Friday afternoon in mid-March. Spring had arrived days before by the date on the calendar, but New Hampshire doesn’t follow the rules of the seasons. Patches of old snow still piled in heaps, even in … Continue reading

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“I was wrong about you” #yoga #nonjudgement

  It was like any other Tuesday morning, only it wasn’t. No two are ever exactly the same, just as each moment passes by us changed from the one before, whether we are aware of it or not. This Tuesday … Continue reading

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Dental Surgery: A Lesson in Mindfulness

  It was rather surreal, but not wholly surprising. I believe the greater consciousness that surrounds us is constantly communicating with us, whether we heed it or not. I’ve learned to pay attention, much of the time, and when I … Continue reading

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Renewal #writephoto #suevincent

  Let me show you the veil how easy it is to step between the illusion of clouds yesterday on one side tomorrow on the other your life here waiting for your renewal take in the deep breath of promise … Continue reading

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“I haven’t slept in three days,” – a 12-yr-old girl

I wouldn’t necessarily have been able to tell. I mean, she seemed like a typical almost-teenager. A little unfocused. A little unbalanced. A little tired. Okay, maybe she appeared more than a little tired, but it was easy enough to … Continue reading

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