The Eagle’s Return


The eagle has returned, although I imagine it has never left. Once again it makes its presence known at a time when I feel the calling to find the power within. An ambiguous unease has been setting in, and there is no clearly definable reason why. I have come to accept this feeling as the soul preparing me to shift into the unknown. This takes courage and surrendering, and more than an ounce of trust. It takes a complete giving  into the unraveling and the revealing of what is waiting to emerge behind the familiar. The unknowing is what unsettles. The mind likes to prepare and to plan. It likes to play the part of control, but the heart is telling me to let go.


So eagle has appeared again. I see its white head with golden eyes penetrating the walls of reluctance. There is no yielding to its stare. It is stern, yet it is not unkind. I feel love and strength in its presence; an unwavering devotion to its cause, which is to guide the unfolding.

It is a silent and still witness. The language of the soul reads no words. The test is in the knowing, the feeling, and the ultimate translation by a mind that becomes the willing servant to the soul’s awakening.

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Where the Lichen Weeps on Stones

Where the Lichen Weeps on Stones



Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

In a land before time

we remembered the curve of the Earth

and how it mirrored the heavens

Stars gazed past sight to the place of no mind

thoughts were eclipsed by the moon and the rocks reflected light

You walk to remember

to bring back hope and also sorrow

which must rise through the bracken to be freed

Long buried in forgetting

the hold of fear was strong

it held fast the magic of the land

that longs to breathe love

Beneath the hills, the bear sleeps to awaken the raven

a reunion of Earth and sky

while the river carries hope

in its struggle to move past time

Breathe with me

the fey wait at the edge of the circle

their white bodies move with the grass

Join your hands with theirs, again

and open the womb to life

The rainbow crystal is but a seed…

To read more about the story behind this poem, please visit: Keeping a Promise by Sue Vincent  and The Raven Crystal , an earlier post of mine written after a visit to Hordron in the Peak District of England. 

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The ‘Village’ and its occupants

The scene of the summer Silent Eye workshop promises a marvelous adventure. Read on here:

Source: The ‘Village’ and its occupants

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Living with Spirit

I wasn’t a child who saw ghosts, or maybe I was, but I don’t remember ever seeing a specter. I talked to fairies, but I don’t remember them talking back. I looked for winged beings in pools of sunlight, and peered in search of their forms under tiny white flowers, but I don’t remember seeing them. I didn’t go to church, and knew very little about religion. Despite growing up in an atheist household, I held within me an innate knowing that Life was not a mere compilation of flesh and bones.


Still, if you had known me before the age of around 25, you would likely be surprised with the turn my life has taken. Or, maybe you wouldn’t be. I went from adopting my childhood teachings that anyone who claimed to talk to spirits, or see them, was a fraud, to thinking in my early adult years that so-called psychics, mediums and those who can be grouped into the woo-woo category, are just that, a bit woo-woo. Despite this, for the last decade or so, I have been traveling, quite willingly down the path of Living with Spirit.


I now believe, with every fiber of my being, that Living with Spirit is the very essence of Life itself. We all do it, whether we are aware of it or not.


Sprit is our essence. It moves through all Life. The blade of grass is sustained with the same Life Force Energy that courses through you and me. The only difference may be that the blade of grass, or the butterfly that lands upon it, accepts this as Truth, whereas you and I may doubt the very essence of our existence.


So what does Living with Spirit mean? It is, in essence, just that: the state of being open to the awareness of the energy that moves through you, and is constantly trying to communicate with you. You may call it the Divine, God, Soul, your Higher Self, etc. It is all of the Whole that is the Source of all Life. It can be expressed outwardly in a myriad of forms. It can take on many aspects, as life does here on Earth. These aspects have been given names such as Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Animal Guides, and Light-beings. Just as Source is called God, Allah, Krishna, Shiva, etc. We open ourselves to Spirit in the way that works best for us. Some of us hear, see, or feel Sprit, while some of us just know of its ever-constant presence.


Although I do not believe we are all here to be mediums, healers or physics, I believe these gifts are within all of us, in the myriad forms they can take. A gifted painter channels spirit through her mind and body, just as the writer does, and the healer. As does the olympian and the mathematician. The more we get out of the way, and allow our hearts to receive and send, the closer we are open to Source, and the wisdom it encompasses.


I believe that we are all more alike than we are different. That we are all a part of the energy of Source, and that our journeys ultimately lead us back to this Source. I believe that it can take many lifetimes, and although we all come from and are a part of the same Source, we are not all here to walk the same path to get back Home. To live the individual journey with Spirit, though, is Life at its very essence.



Alethea channels spirit through writing and healing. To learn more about Alethea and Inner Truth Healing, please visit:

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I protest #InternationalChildrensDay

In honor of the children who suffer and are less fortunate, please read:

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I protest.

I protest against the poverty and hunger in which so many children are forced to live by failing societies where greed is an economic norm. In the UK, alone, one in four children officially live in poverty… yet it is relative poverty. In many countries, poverty is the norm and means utter deprivation of even the most basic necessities. Every ten seconds, a child dies from hunger and its consequences. Almost nine hundred children die every day because they have no access to clean water.

I protest against the denial of medical care to any child. Every year, over 13 million children less than 5 years die from illnesses which could have been avoided or treated.

I protest against eager minds denied education in a world where so many have access to so much. Over a hundred million children, the adults of our own future, are growing…

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What lies beyond fear

Two nights ago, I dreamed about disappearing. I was focused only upon point eight on a triangle, and each time I stepped on it, I would disappear. Over and over again, I stepped and disappeared, as the night progressed. Where I went, I cannot tell you, only that it was not of this world. Of this I was sure. Point eight was a portal. A seemingly impossible point on a three-sided triangle that opened the gateway to another realm. It was only when I woke, and the rational mind took over, that I questioned my journey.

A triangle has three points, and not eight.

Or is that the point? Can it be a coincidence that I was sure I was on point eight each time I woke? That each time I was pulled back, the number of infinity lingered inside of my mind, as well as the brilliant white light of the point on the triangle?


Image courtesy of Pixabay

Last night, or rather this morning, I dreamt of waves. I stood before an ocean of water, which grew with each pulse. I stood with fear.

Come and get me, I told it. I am not afraid of you. 

Over and over again the water threatened to over-take me.

Go ahead, I told it, I am not afraid.

The final surge of blue loomed above me and lingered as though daring me to observe its power. Asking me to look at the full force of what I had dared the water to bring to me. So I looked. With my eyes I travel the mountain of liquid blue until it crested into a wave several feet above my head. Here I looked into the center, which swirled into an eye. There’s the portal, I realized. Go ahead, take me inside.


Image Courtesy of Pixaby


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Divine Alchemy



I rediscovered this stream-of-consciouness, or channeling, if you will, today while going through some files. I wrote it nearly a year ago, a month after my first trip to England where I first ventured into Albion’s ancient sites. I remember the day vividly. I was walking my dogs around the town pond, and started hearing the wisdom of the bee. It’s a long channeling. I cut some of it out, but I thought it might be worth sharing what I have below. Here is the channeling from my unseen guide, which is of course, subject to my own translation, and there are areas where my personal thoughts were added. At is essence, it’s a calling for awareness of the individual self, and of the state of the planet, in particular water, an essential key of life as we know it:


Life is possible through the alchemy of the sun and water. The divine alchemy. Water, the downward facing triangle, and the ancient symbol of the divine feminine energy, when combined with the upward facing triangle, the male life force energy, or the sun, creates life. The alchemy of their combined energies form a hexagon, a divine shape found throughout Nature (bee hives, water, crystals…) and the Universe. Within this shape, one can access, or find, the seat of the soul.


The ankh, an ancient symbol of Life, is also representation of this concept. The head of the ankh evokes the shape of the raindrop, or drop of water, the body of the ankh is the alchemical reaction that is created through the action of the sun and the water. In this respect, it is the Key of Life.


The ankh is also a representation of the human body when lying supine toward the sun. The head, in this case, is the human head, filled with consciousness waiting to be ignited. The cross of the ankh is positioned at the heart center of the human body, or the seat of the soul. When a person is lying supine on the Earth, in the shape of an ankh, that person is in a position of surrendering to this divine life force energy, allowing any and all possibilities for alchemy to occur. It can be a simple, yet powerful act of awakening to Truth. In this, also, the ankh is the Key of Truth.


The Egyptian goddess Isis, with her rainbow wings, is [an aspect of] the divine feminine, or the magical energy of water. She represents the sacred water in all of us, opening us up to the Key to Life. Combined with, or ignited by the divine masculine energy of the sun, represented by the god Horus in Egyptian mythology, a rainbow is created. Without sun and water, there is no rainbow. The rainbow contains the full spectrum of energies that exist in the universe, allowing us to see (some of them) with our physical eyes. The rainbow is the spectrum of life force energies. The crystalline structure of DNA is encoded with the energies of the rainbow waiting to become its full potential.


We are being asked, now, to remember the alchemy of water and sun, in particular water, [I believe], because we are made up primarily of water, as is Earth, yet both are vastly polluted through our thought forms and actions. Water is the element of emotion and memory. It changes form, but it never forgets. It is transparent when pure. It forms the sacred symbol of a perfect hexagon when it is undefiled, and when it is loved with gratitude. Water, quite simply, is life, and without water and the sun, Life as we know it, would not exist.


I believe this Truth is encoded in the ancient sites of the world. In the temples of Egypt and in the sacred stone circles of England, and throughout the world. Stonehenge  was a tribute to the Sun, but also the Moon, which is the orb that moves the water within Earth, and ourselves. The ancients knew this, and lived with reverence and love. The age of forgetting was also the age of the cross without the head, a deliberate removal of the head of the ankh, or the divine feminine life-force energy. It was also the beginning of a time when the divine goddesses were pushed aside and humans chose to forget them, or ignore their Truths and power. The waters of Earth, and within our bodies, became stagnant and polluted through these actions and “false” beliefs. Life, we are relearning, is not possible with just the Sun/“Son of God.”


The bee, who brought much of this to my awareness, is an indicator species that represents this divine alchemy of life. Bees are in danger because of our polluting actions (thoughts), and hence all life on Earth is in jeopardy.  Ancient civilizations were very aware of the importance of the bee on all levels of Life. The bee uses the energy of water and sun to create life. The bee pollinates life through its physical actions, and creates the golden nectar of life, this sacred physical manifestation of the alchemy between sun and water, in the form of honey. Honey is the color of divine light, gold, and holds the healing properties of light/life. It is antibacterial and anti-fungal, it exists in pure form for thousands of years if left untempered with, and it is sweet, bringing us the physical taste of joy. The bee, of course, is also a divine architect, creating hives made from perfect hexagons and showing us how to optimally preserve, store and utilize the life force energy.


Image curtesy of Pixabay

6 is a sacred number. The hexagon has six sides, and it is a structure of divine perfection. The frequency of the number 6 is a carrier of the life force energy of Love. While walking by the town pond, my guide(s) made this aware to me, as well as that water can be repaired and recharged with the Love frequency of tuning forks. I looked it up online when I got home, and found that this is true. That tuning forks tuned to 528 frequency, repairs DNA and water and is the frequency of Love.  I also (re)learned that healthy DNA (I actually have a degree in biology) is the 6 sided structure of the Hexagon, which is, as mentioned above, the shape of pure, healthy water. I was given a vision of a tuning fork at this frequency being used to heal the water in the pond (and other bodies of water, including, it seems the human, which is what they are often used for in healings).

I had also noted that I had just read Dr. Emoto’s book The Hidden Messages in Water, which was a gifted to me by my husband prior to receiving this “channeling.” The late Dr. Emoto’s work with water offers a great insight into the deeper truths of life.

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