Dreaming Stones: Dunvegan and the Fairy Flag

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

We followed the signs for Dunvegan Castle, ancestral home of the Clan MacCleod. Even if we wanted to wander a managed castle, we knew it would be long closed by the time we got there, so instead we found ourselves a parking spot overlooking the calm waters of Loch Dunvegan and raided the cooler for our newly acquired sandwiches, yoghurt and honey.

We did drive down to the castle, hoping for a glimpse of medieval splendour, but the place was obscured by trees. Built on a promontory that looks over the loch, Dunvegan has probably been a fortress since the Norsemen settled here. There is no trace of ancient habitation now, though, for the site was chosen by the MacCleods to be their principal seat in the thirteenth century and the castle has evolved since that time.

Dunvegan CastleDunvegan Castle © John Allan at Geograph (CCL3)

The Clan descended from Leod…

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Plastic, Waste and recycling…Latest News…Shoes made from coffee grounds, Plastic eating Mushrooms…

Retired? No one told me!

Monday the start of another new week…and two important days in the Buddhist calendar Asalna Puja Day and Buddhist Lent Day which means for 3 days schools, banks and public offices will be closed and selling alcohol is prohibited… Thais will be celebrating so party time it will be both serious and fun…Asalha Puja Day (Asanha Puja, Asarnha Bucha, Dhamma Day) is a Buddhist festival that occurs on the full moon of the eighth lunar month, which is usually in July. The festival pays homage to the Buddha and commemorates the Buddha’s first sermon and the founding of the Buddha’s Sangha – four noble truths.

Monk sittingBuddhist Lent Day in Thailand is the day after Asalha Bucha marking the beginning of the three month period where monks stay in their temples with no travelling.

An update on last weeks post…Should children be taught to grow food in school…

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‘Aye’ of the Unicorn: Tower…

The Silent Eye

Image result for Alchemical unicorn


To complete our pentagrams

we returned to our

core principles and considered the shadow.


The setting was not the swiftly flowing Spey

but a quitely progressing brook

which arced in a crescent

around the space in which we chose to work.


Out text saw the Queen of Witches,

Hecate, admonishing the Weird Sisters

for tampering with the modalities of time.


A fitting end to conclude our adventures.


The child outgrew the shadow

 filling the limbs

and head of the pentagram

before climbing astride

the Unicorn

and bounding away…


With thanks to Dean Powell and Steve Tanham for organising the weekend…
and to all those who joined us in Scotland for making it a great one.


If you would like to join us for a weekend, exploring the inner, spiritual landscape, within the Living Land of Britain, please see our Events page.

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Calanais: Moot-Points…

France & Vincent


We may have

to take issue with Burl.


There is nothing cramped about this monument.


And that word implies, does it not, unfit for purpose?

Which Callanish most certainly is not.


From a distance the stones resemble figures

gathering to moot,

and even up close that notion is

difficult to shake.


And if they gather to converse

then it is with the moon and stars

that they hold congress.


Unfortunately, at this time of year,

at this latitude on the globe,

we will be lucky to see any

of those heavenly bodies…


And if the white night

fails to scupper us

cloud cover undoubtedly will!

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Dreaming Stones: Meeting the Old Man

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Something was taking a lot out of us. It wasn’t just the lack of lunch, as we’d had first and second breakfast, even if that had been hours earlier. It wasn’t the weather either…we’ve endured worse and at least we were in the car. But there came a point where we were obliged to pull up in a crowded car park beside a loch and, instead of raiding the food van that we had at last found…we fell asleep. Neither of us could stay awake and both of us fell to dreaming… the first of many vivid dreams we would have on that trip and since. Just to add a touch of irony to the situation, considering we might have felt better for coffee or food, when we woke from our short nap, the food van had closed its shutters. And that was that… we were back to square one.

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Rifts in reality?

The Silent Eye

x sheff jan 134

There was a fleeting conversation  that got me thinking again on something I have pondered over for a long time. There are lots of ghost stories flitting about, wafting their sheets for our delight, some making us shiver even more as they approach the reality with which we are more familiar. Somewhere in the back of our minds lurks that question… ‘What would I do if I saw a ghost?’

There is, perhaps, an even better question. Who says you haven’t? How would you know? Unless they adapt their appearance to our preconceptions, how can you be sure that the person you pass in the street is real?

We don’t even know what a ghost is. Everyone seems to have an opinion. Are they the shades of the departed? Undispersed etheric energy, some form of earth energy? Optical illusion or a vision of the soul? Phantom memories of past…

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Dreaming Stones: Give us a break…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The single-track road was narrow and every few miles we would have to pull over into a passing space to let another vehicle through. And that was as busy as it got. To the left was the coast, with constant views of the sea and the blue smudge of distant islands. To our right, Skye revealed its constantly changing landscape as we drove through empty countryside dotted with the occasional house. We were pulled up short by a stone standing beside the road… though whether it was an erratic, an old gate post or something more interesting was impossible to say. Nowhere seems to mention the thing, in spite of its size, so we assume it is not an ancient artefact. Except that stone, by its very nature, is ancient and perhaps it still had something to say.

It had stopped us by the Museum of Island Life. The…

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