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Who would you like to share a meal with?

At 9:15 this morning I made myself a second breakfast for no other reason than that I was hungry. The smoothie I had blended two hours earlier had already left my stomach, and it didn’t matter that there was no … Continue reading

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The Wounded Healer

The tag on my tea yesterday read “Be Heard,” but let’s start back at that mountain¬†from two nights ago. Part of me hoped I was done releasing, at least for awhile, after I woke on the morning of the March … Continue reading

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The Mountain

It started with a clogged drain. I was cleaning the bathrooms in my house yesterday and pulled up the plastic plug that collects hair in the shower of the master bathroom. The shower is as old as the house, its … Continue reading

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Healing A Body of Memories Meditation

Lie down and close your eyes. Take three deep belly breaths and relax into the space your are in. Now, through your mind’s eye, go inside your body. What do you feel?¬†What do you remember? If you have an ache … Continue reading

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The Hidden Mysteries of the Parrotfish

Have you ever really wondered who you are and why you are here in this body, at this time? Deep inside the memory of your cells, and within the door of your heart, your answers to who you are can … Continue reading

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Not Just a Name

Have you ever thought about why you have the name you do? What does your name mean to you on a personal level? Does it feel right? Does it resonate from a deep place of truth within you? How did … Continue reading

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The Number 5

When the number 5 comes into my life, whether in dreams, a memory, or as a number that appears throughout a particular day, I think of self-empowerment, independence and the “free soul” (as Denise Linn refers to the number in … Continue reading

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