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Onward #writephoto

Talk to me about silence I can’t hear your words A mind closed by fear shuts the ears and averts the eyes while the voice calling out to be heard becomes a child waiting to be seen [Futility] ↓ Last … Continue reading

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Ebb #Writephoto #SueVincent

Here is my contribution to Sue Vincent’s weekly #Writephoto prompt. To participate in the challenge, please visit Sue’s blog. Ebb The tide washed away her secrets but she had more Inside the membrane of her skin she held an ocean … Continue reading

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The Body Beneath

The Body Beneath The words sound like she is falling apart, but she is coming together. Rebirth is not measured in months. 9 years ago her body was a volcano erupting with night to release repression Dreams dwell in darkness … Continue reading

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The Dreamer

The Dreamer A self undefined, she follows the moon pulling the tide into the ocean of her neck to spill a blue rhythm that caresses the folded notes of voice Can you hear her heart song rising through fear? It … Continue reading

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The Body’s Reply

The Body’s Reply You see, Child of the Mind I cannot lie When you let go of constriction I follow the moon-tide Old blood releases to return Her light Whoever said the moon is man lies to hold fear in … Continue reading

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Healing a Voice Silenced

Healing a Voice Silenced She asked me how I was doing honestly, I didn’t know. The body plays tricks on the mind. The tight throat triggers memories of chocking words. But they are coming easier flowing beyond constriction into the … Continue reading

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To break the code

Our bodies weep salt of mother tears forgotten memories swim the blue river of veins searching for air truth is a code of genes resequenced in each birth fear, a pattern of dis- ease when left unraveled to break the … Continue reading

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