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#Decisions #WritePhoto #SueVincent

Four directions mark the way of the living feet Points on a compass as old as the cross that divides and joins them our marker of death We remember Jesus as a son of God splayed in four directions for … Continue reading

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#Threshold #WritePhoto #SueVincent #Poetry

You stand upon the threshold of self when the eyes outside look inward past the outer and all its beauty and decay Light plays tricks with shadows until they are explored through the pathways of your own labyrinth, discovering you … Continue reading

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#Bright Light #SueVincent #WritePhoto

Blue Beyond Take me through The well of the throat So that I might drink full The waters of life. Replenish light Bright. Oh, so bright. The brilliance of A supernova exploding the universe inside Of me. To know love … Continue reading

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#Rift #WritePhoto #SueVincent

The rift began long before the stones held our memories You might say it began before time when light divided darkness. Or did darkness divide light? There is a rift that runs through the human brain creating the left v. … Continue reading

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England’s Messengers #poetry

  I have been thinking about the bee and bear one guarding, one circling a hidden chamber pointing to the vast womb open always to receive Meg’s eye pulling inward red, like the rise of the serpent The blindfolded girl … Continue reading

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#Timeless #writephoto #SueVincent

She whispered I am waiting for you But the hills stretch for miles where will I find you? Her voice echoes through me rising from the shadowlands Inside I search the detritus  of lifetimes forgotten their effects left behind my … Continue reading

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#Blade #WritePhoto #SueVincent

It is said the heart is a forest green with life it is fed with the breath of love pulsing renewal in each moment rebirth is possible, yet we wear the shield of armor with thoughts of valor forgetting the … Continue reading

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