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#Threshold #WritePhoto #SueVincent #Poetry

You stand upon the threshold of self when the eyes outside look inward past the outer and all its beauty and decay Light plays tricks with shadows until they are explored through the pathways of your own labyrinth, discovering you … Continue reading

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#Blade #WritePhoto #SueVincent

It is said the heart is a forest green with life it is fed with the breath of love pulsing renewal in each moment rebirth is possible, yet we wear the shield of armor with thoughts of valor forgetting the … Continue reading

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Renewal #writephoto #suevincent

  Let me show you the veil how easy it is to step between the illusion of clouds yesterday on one side tomorrow on the other your life here waiting for your renewal take in the deep breath of promise … Continue reading

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  There is a tempest inside of you a storm collecting every cell into being yet you scatter them rejecting until they become the wounded cowering in this cage you have created its walls only as strong as your might … Continue reading

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