The Weight of Cells


I woke at 3am with my mind playing back a phrase that came to me several months ago during a meditation, Every cell has a weight and a memory. Instead of falling back to sleep, I kept thinking about this statement and how important it is in terms of healing the body. Even when the mind chooses not to remember, the body does.

Cells, by their very nature, are programed to remember. It is how they survive, dividing and propagating themselves through generations upon generations to carry out their designated functions, yet we don’t always think about the emotional weight that our bodies carry.

You may have heard stories about transplant patients who suddenly develop cravings for foods they never liked before. There are also cases where personalities have radically changed, particularly after a heart transplant. It may sound crazy on the surface, but it makes sense. Cells, by their very nature, are programed to remember, even when the mind chooses to forget. They do it to survive and thrive, but sometimes, when the weight of the memory they carry is too heavy, they turn sluggish and lethargic. Over time, disease can set it.

Pause in reading this, and close your eyes. Allow your body to show you where it is holding density. For some of you it might be obvious, you may have an excess of physical weight in one area more than another, or you might have a persistent ache or pain. Go to these places and ask them to remember the origin of their density.

Let me give you an example in myself. Although I am relatively slender, my body holds extra density in my belly, in particular in the abdominal areas of my 2nd and 3rd chakras. This is where, as a young child, I started burying my emotions. Having no real outlet for emotional release, I swallowed my turmoil, and as a result I often had frequent pains in my abdominal region. As an adult, I had chronic IBS for two years, and I would wake in the wee hours of the morning with a bloated belly filled with pain. When I began listening to my body, and allowing the stories it had stored to surface, along with the emotional weight they carried, I began to heal, and the bloating decreased along with the pain.

In my early twenties, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease. Although I do not have the physical weight of a goiter in my throat, I have the energetic density of hypothyroidism. In my 5th chakra, therefore, there is energetic density. Although my thyroid is gradually regaining health, when I enter this space of my body, I can feel its weight. There are emotions stored here, waiting to be released. My cells not only carry my own memories of  my voice and truth being silenced with physical and verbal restraints, they carry generations inside of their DNA. Thyroid disease runs in my family, as it often does. Proof, I believe, that cells carry memories. How can they not?

Why would one person get a disease and not another? Chance? I don’t tend to give much credence to chance. If you dig deep enough, you can likely find a cause; an origin. We can ask the same question another way. Why do some people heal, and not others? The answers are similar in either case. The weight of memory.

A healthy, vibrant cell does not get diseased. It thrives, and carries out the function for which it is designed. Destiny, though, is subject to events. The cell exposed to trauma suffers. It mutates, or fails to replicate in perfect form. Sometimes it dies before it can divide. Physical trauma to the cell will compromise its health, but so will emotional. When we receive a cut, we apply pressure to the source of the bleed. We try to stem the flow of loss. What happens, though, to the body that suffers emotional trauma? It grows dense with the weight it is trying to release.

The body is always striving to find balance, yet many of us are unwilling to listen to its memories. Its not always pleasant to stop and listen to our bodies. What they have to tell us is often of a memory we have tried to ignore or forget. Like a child, the body yearns to be heard and understood. When we allow this occur, we start to heal density and the discomfort it creates. We shed the weight of repression as we release the trapped stories. Health returns as the energy of the cells spin more freely, and we feel lighter and more vibrant.

Sometimes the stories aren’t ours, but we’ve agree to harbor them in our bodies. Memories passed down through DNA, or through the empathic matrix of one being to another. Listen. Allow. Remember. Release. Heal. The body, like the soul, is always trying to find the light inside the story.


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Five minutes of film

Image: He wasn’t feeling too good so I carried his breakfast through into the lounge where he was watching TV and sat down with him on the sofa for five minutes. He was watching a wildlife programm…

Source: Five minutes of film

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Simple Ways to Save Our Home


Earth: Our Beautiful Home. Photo credit:

I am a passionate advocate for this planet, although I will also be the first to admit I can always do more to preserve and protect its health.  We almost always have a choice when it comes to our actions and how they may positively or negatively impact the environment that sustains us. Earth, the planet we all call our home, is not a luxury. There is no planet B, and there is no disputing the fact that our planet is in peril, and has been for too long of a time.

Remember, if the planet suffers, so do we. One need only think of the increase in global catastrophes, our inability to provide adequate nutrition for 12.9 % of the human population (source: and the 1 in 8 people who do not have access to clean water (source: Since the current administration for America lacks the foresight to see this, I believe it is imperative that we act on a local and individual level to preserve, protect and repair our shared home. The individual always has great power, let us not forget this. Here are a few conscious choices we can make to benefit the health of our planet, and also ourselves:

  • Eat locally produced and organically grown foods (your body will thank you, and so will the planet)
  • Forgo unnecessary/luxury purchases (instead of buying that pair of shoes you really don’t need, use the money to buy healthier products for your body)
  • Use or make eco-friendly products (be a smart consumer, check your labels and research the list of ingredients)
  • Air-dry your laundry (It’s easier than you might think. I use my dryer maybe 10x a year)
  • Buy bulk and use reusable containers for packaging food, water, etc.
  • Stop buying bottled water and invest in a nice canteen
  • Use reusable bags for all of our purchases, most stores even give you money back when you bring your own bags
  • Recycle and compost your waste (think about where that waste ends up if you don’t)
  • Use public transportation, bike, walk, and carpool when possible
  • When looking for a new vehicle, buy the most fuel-effiecnt choice. (I love my Chevy Volt)
  • Invest in clean, renewable energy for your home and community. Solar is becoming easier and affordable for the homeowner
  • Buy recycled products and second-hand when it’s an option
  • When it’s time for a new appliance, research and opt for the most energy-efficient one (your wallet will also thank you)
  • Turn the heat down and the lights off when you leave a space
  • Live life with gratitude. A grateful heart has a ripple effect, and those around you will feel it, as well as the Earth.
  • Grow your own food (or some of your food), and use your own compost to fertilize it
  • Conserve resources, such as water and fuel, and teach your children to do the same
  • Use green building materials for your home (do a little research when it’s time to build or remodel, there are so many eco-friendly alternatives)
  • Forgo the chemicals for natural ingredients (again, do a little research, Nature provides wonderful alternatives to cancer-causing toxic chemicals)
  • Please, please, don’t fertile your lawn with those cancer-causing chemicals that harm you, the planet and the insects that pollinate the food you eat). Embrace the beauty of a natural lawn, or forgo the lawn altogether and planet trees or a garden
  • Invest in organizations that are helping to preserve and protect the health of our planet (and applaud their efforts to make such an important cause their focus. Remember, there is no Planet B).

With that note, I’d like to remind you, that through the month of February, I am offering energy healing sessions and intuitive readings in exchange for donations made to environmental causes. For more information please visit my website:


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Healing Through the Heart: An Offer


As many of you are probably doing, I find myself looking for ways that I can help the worldwide causes that are in jeopardy. Since the health of our environment is one of the areas of particular threat, and a great concern of mine, I have decided to offer my services in exchange for donations to environmental charities. The offer is good through the month of February. In return for a 30-minute energy healing session (distant or in-person), or a 30-minute intuitive reading (distant or in-person), I am asking that you make a donation to a reputable environmental organization. There are so many charities and causes concerned with preserving and improving the health of our planet, I don’t wish to limit your choices. If, though, you need some suggestions, click  here for a great list.

To redeem this offer, please email me at with a receipt of your donation and preferred dates and times for your healing or reading.  For more information, you can visit my website at 

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Weekend workshops – The Silent Eye 2017

The Silent Eye hosts a number of events each year, from our annual Weekend Workshop in Derbyshire to our informal Living Land and Walk and Talk gatherings. This year we will be holding events in En…

Source: Weekend workshops – The Silent Eye 2017

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7 Chakras = 7 Classes

I’m very excited to be offering a series of classes that will explore the 7 primary chakras in the human body. Each class will be devoted to one chakra, beginning with the first, and ending with the 7th.  They’ll be held at my studio in Bow, NH, and will begin on the 9th of December and run from 6:30-8:30pm. Recommended age is 12 and up, minors must be accompanied by an adult. The cost is $100 for all 7, or $15/class if you want to attend some, but not all. Minors are half-price. Here are the details:

A Healing Exploration of Your Energetic Body

7 Classes = 7 Chakras

Price: $100 for all 7 or $15/class

(please prepay, if possible, to secure your spot via Paypal:

Class limited to 20 & recommended for ages 12 and up. Minors must be accompanied by adult.

When: Friday evenings from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Beginning  December 9th – January 27th (no class on December 23rd)

Where: Inner Truth Healing Studio

26 Jonathan Ln, Bow, NH


Recommended to Bring: yoga mat or pillow, blanket, water bottle, pen & paper

Instructor: Alethea Kehas is a certified Master/Teacher of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, a writer, and a student of the mysteries. For more information about Alethea, please visit her website:

What to Expect: Each class will be devoted to an exploration of a chakra, beginning with the 1st and ending with the 7th, including how chakras are compromised by our emotions, and ways to keep them healthy and balanced. Through a guided healing meditation, you will have the opportunity to release trapped energy and rejuvenate your mind/body/spirit. Below is a diagram of your 7 primary chakras and the energy they represent.


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The Question of Restraint & Creating a New “Home”

I woke from a strange dream this morning, just at the point where I could have let go of the notion that I needed to go “back” home, and surrender into the vast unknowing. I woke with a feeling of constriction. I felt it in the chest tight with held breath. I felt it in my throat clogged with mucus. And, I felt it in my lower abdomen waiting to release the waters processed during the night.

In the dream I had been driving a cat. Of course this might actually have been possible if it had been a wild cat such as a tiger or a lion, and I allowed myself to imagine that glorious possibility for awhile after I woke. In the dream, though, my domesticated cat looked a lot like the one that lives in my physical house, only I had a ridiculous reign around its shoulders, as though I actually believed it would be capable of taking me where I thought I needed to go, which was back to my childhood home. When I woke, my wildcat, a tiger, had no yoke of any form, instead I rode her back and surrendered to where she wanted to go.

The cat, in both instances, represents the energy of the 2nd chakra, where our creative life-force energy is birthed into being through our intuition. In the dream, I thought I was letting the cat lead the way, but of course she was too small and too domesticated to carry my weight. It was a rather pitiful scene of restraint. Before I woke, I was digging futility in a backpack with many pockets, stuffed with everything, it seemed, but the GPS I was looking for. I was convinced I needed it to find my way back home. “Back” home, that is, instead of home. I was going backwards into the past, instead of forwards into the unknown filled with that fiery energy of possibility.


The cat that wants to be a tiger

I shouldn’t have been surprised by this, and really, I wasn’t. Frustrated, yes, as we all are when we don’t allow that full expression of the 2nd chakra to channel into life. You see I had also been tempted by this possibility, in the form of a mysterious lover, who held me close and kissed me, before I made the choice to look for my “car. Yet there was the hint of promise in his words,”You will come back. Next time…”

Why, you might ask, am I telling you about this dream? Why should you care? Because, I realized, upon waking that my struggle against restraint is a universal struggle, which is so poignantly at the surface right now it cannot be denied. You need only to look around you, and within you, to see it. As the inner always mirrors the outer and vice-versa. It is also timeless, but I believe at this point in our collective evolution, the letting go of restraint is poignantly calling for our attention.

How many of us grew up with restraints and constraints? Most of us, I think it’s safe to say. I know that in the rare moments when I dared utter my will, which went against my parents’, a verbal or physical restraint would quickly reach out to hold me back. Of course it’s no wonder I am still struggling with the ties that bind, but oh is it frustrating.

Yesterday, I read a post of Facebook shared by a friend about a young man in Boston who had faced the darkness of uncontrolled restraint in the form of fear surfacing from the energy around this turbulent election process. I believe we all want to be free. Yet,  when we act out from the place of fear, we cause harm. When we choose to disempower another, instead of empowering ourselves, we cause oppression and hurt. We are seeing examples of this all around us right now as we are being called to walk with a faith that calls for a surrendering to the light which is love, which is grace, and which is also the vast unknown, and as yet undecided. This, then, requires a breaking down of fear and all its restraints.

The young man from Boston was not caucasian, and this threatened the foundation of “home” of the man who raged at him, as he was holding fast to old fears. Fears perpetuated by the rhetoric of Trump and his supporters, and hence fear that were not wholly his own (as all fears are really, in essence, everyones’). To hold onto his crumbing foundation, this older, white man, raged against the young non-caucasian, telling him to get off the bus he was riding, telling him to go “back home.” In essence, though, he was trying to find his own way home. His lack of restraint, in this case, had become a constraint. He was holding himself back from evolving, while also trying to hold the young man back who trigged this fear within him.

It’s curious how much we fear the unknown, but it’s also deeply troubling when you see all the damage it has, and continues to cause, in our world. A world that is trying, constantly, to evolve and grow, yet we try, in turn, to hold it back by holding ourselves back, and by trying to hold each other back. We cling to the past. We cling to what we are used to, because we think it is the safest way to live. But is it? Look around you and within you. What has this created besides  war and suffering?

Constrained energy causes disease. It causes illness. It causes dis-ease. Ultimately it causes death, because the vital life force energy that wants to flow through us is shut of or diminished by restraint.

Last night, before I went to bed, I watched the move “Miracles from Heaven.” In the movie, if you have not seen it, a 10 year-old-girl is diagnosed with a potentially deadly disease of the digestive system. She is literally unable to digest and process the nutrients her body requires for life. The relevance of that, in light of what this post is about, does not escape your observation, I am sure, but there is more.

In the movie, which is based on a true story, the girl comes back home to live out, it is thought, her last remaining days. Instead, her older sister, following what I believe to be a spark of intuitive guidance, urges her to let go of the restraints that bind her and climb a large, old tree in their yard. When the two girls are on a branch together, it starts to crack from their weight, and they scramble toward the trunk so they will not fall. But, the dying girl falls (through a hole inside of the trunk), and in that fall, she finds new life.

A miracle occurs in that moment. In the pit of darkness at the base of the old tree, in which she has fallen, the young girl loses consciousness, freeing her spirit from her body. She meets “God,” and is given a new chance at life. When she wakes, she is cured of her disease and all of its restraints.

As her mother later says during a church service, “miracles are all around us, we just need to open our eyes to them.” And, let go of restraint in the form of fear. The young man on the subway is an example of this. In the face of hatred, he surrendered his own fear to grace instead of caving into fear in the form of hate. In the story of the event, he admits to being filled with an impulse to react by punching the man. To return hatred with hatred. To fight the battle he is being called to fight, but instead, he surrenders to grace. Letting go of his own fears, he opens the gate to life. To a new reality. In doing so, the man entrenched in fear responds in kind, to this new, stronger, energy he is presented with. The anger in his face gradually melts as the fortress dissolves. Tears of release fill his eyes, and he extends his hand to the young man he has just assaulted verbally. And in that moment, a new world is born, at least for him.

We all share these fears, just perhaps in slightly different forms. We all fear, to different degrees, the new. We fear what we do not know, and what we could become. But should we? Restraint, held in the reign of fear, only stops us from birthing the new world within and without. Now, more than ever, we cannot afford to stop the light that is life from flowing into the infinite possibilities of who we are and are desiring to become. A genius, whether in the form of a painting, a poem, a symphony or a breakthrough in science, causes us to look at the world in a new way. We are filled with awe as we gaze upon the manifestation of greatness, but we forget that it lies, waiting to be birthed, in all of us.


All else is an illusion



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