A prayer for the trees that are about to be pruned

May you feel my love

and the reverence I hold for your life

May you know my gratitude

for the beauty of your spring

and the fruit of your summer

May your limbs fall gently

and with ease

back to Earth


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Let go! 

A wonderful post about anger and how to gently release it:

via Let go! 

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Between #writephoto prompt #suevincent



Photo Credit: Sue Vincent


Sometimes, or maybe quite often life

opens a path unexpected

parting the sides to test


of the yellow center

inside that responds to the will

that can divide with the mighty belief

that I Am more special than You

becoming the forced path

to nowhere


the I continues to seek more

until it discovers Joy

can only be found in that quieter path

which opens to a spiral

ever-turning inward

while expanding outward

to the same sun

that is within and without



To participate in Sue Vincent’s weekly photo prompt challenge, please click here. 


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Identified Flying Object


Indentiy ConsoleAA

One of the key understandings in mystical thought is the idea of identity. Words morph their meaning over time, and identity is a classic case.

We might think of the police knowing the ‘identity’ of a person they want to speak to. We would find it in fashion magazines for both genders in the context of a garment to reinforce our identity in line with a progressive trend.

Both these show how the word identity means either a unique description or a close bond through some sort of ‘mapping’ of properties by adoption. The central theme is that of a chosen closeness. If I buy a new car and feel very good when I drive it, I’m identifying with an object that adds to my identity and makes me feel good.

The car analogy is a good one – and a very good way of studying one of the 21st century’s fault lines – in the sense that, if ten miles down the road, someone deliberately races past our new sports car, we may well feel aggrieved that we have been deliberately ‘slighted’ and that our inflated identity, centred on the car, has been wounded.

Continue reading here:

via Identified Flying Object

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Ten Beautiful Things Thursday

Sometimes we need a reminder of the beauty that is always present in and around us. Today is one of those days. In the aftermath of another horrific event involving children and a gun, I look to extract the light from the darkness. Here is what I find around me:

Om carved in wood

The OM symbol on my wall

  1. The OM carving on my wall leading up to my healing space looks like the causal realm is kissing the awakening realm.
  2. Yesterday, scrolling through photos of tragedy on FB, I discovered Morgan Freeman is transforming his property into a sanctuary for bees.
  3.  Two beautiful dogs rescued from an unknown fate fill my home with joy and laughter in a constant reminder of gratitude and love.
  4. The morning sun spotlights nature’s beauty and I need only look through the window to see it.
  5. With each breath, I can bring that same light deep into my body to charge my cells.
  6. When I go outside, I feel the quicking pulse of spring, which promises renewal.
  7. The gentle pour of water sings a lullaby.
  8. Warm oatmeal smells like sweet earth.
  9. A blueberry wears the imprint of a flower.
  10. When my mind searches for beauty, it opens to the wonder that is Life.

Please, if you feel moved to do so, include something beautiful that you have discovered in your life in a comment. May this day and all your days be graced with beauty. 

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The land of the ‘stone father’

The Silent Eye

At the heart of an ancient landscape is the Dorset village of Cerne Abbas. The village grew up around a Benedictine Abbey founded there over a thousand years ago and it is still a place where folklore, myth and legend come together…and few of them agree.

The holy spring rose from where St Augustine struck the ground… or where St Edwold saw a vision, depending on which story you prefer, just as the giant on the hillside dates from the Iron Age… or is a seventeenth century political statement. The mysteries here are real… but underpinning them all is the fact that the place was undeniably seen as sacred.

The name is interesting in itself in that respect; ‘Cerne’ is believed to come from a Celtic word for ‘stone’ and ‘Abbas’ is the Medieval Latin ‘abbot’, which means ‘father’. Does the name refer to the Abbey, or did the abbey…

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Broken village

Sun in Gemini

Etal et al - Castle reduced

The beautiful Northumberland village of Etal, one of a local twin, has a fine ruined castle; but this blog is not entirely about castles…

The picture above is the castle at Etal. It was constructed in the middle of the fourteenth century by Robert Manners, a Norman descendant. It consists of a residential tower in the ‘Pele’ style; a gatehouse and a corner tower of small proportions. The whole is protected by a curtain wall. The castle has a ‘bloody’ past, being close to Branxton, the nearest settlement to the site of the Battle of Flodden (September 1513), at which the English King Henry VIII’s forces under the Earl of Surrey prevailed, after a long and bloody battle, over those of James IV of Scotland.

A few days prior to the battle of Flodden, King James had stormed Etal castle and added it to the many others captured in the…

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